Douro – The magic of this place

The entire Douro Valley is considered as one of the most beautiful places in the whole country. The reason is self-evident to those who see it.

The beauty and charm that the Douro emanates are undeniable. The whole natural landscape of the Douro Valley, classified as World Heritage, can and should be seen from close up.

Apart from the unparalleled scenery, the region offers a vast array of Miradouros, which will allow you to glimpse them in full.

The region of Alto Douro Vinhateiro, known as the Heart of the Douro, is undoubtedly a place you will not want to miss. This is the oldest demarcated wine area in the world and it is here that, in addition to contemplating the whole landscape, you will be surrounded in a pure environment and of great tranquility.

If the history of the region and wine attracts you, do not hesitate to visit the various museums that are open to receive it. But if it is the pure air and nature that steal all your attention, in addition to the Miradouros, you can visit the natural and archaeological parks of the Douro region.

Visit the Douro and experience unexplained sensations.